Mob Run Challenge 2016

By September 30, 2015

mob run challenge

Mob Run

There are Two Mob Run Challenge Awards

1) Tenacious Mob Award
This is awarded to the team who gets the most finishers across both events… Sometimes it takes mates to help you through an event and help you finish. The team with the most finishers in total wins this award…

2) Fastest Mob Award
This is awarded to the team with the most runners in the “top 80″… The top 80 consists of the top 20 men and top 20 women in both the 21.5 and 43 events. How many runners can you get into the top 20…?

Mob Prizes
Big Heavy Trophy

Both winning Mobs go home with a Barrow of Goodies (see pic above).

Bragging Rights!

Bonus Mob Points will be awarded for the the following:
Mob Members in costume count as double citizens. Earning you double points in the Mob Awards!

When you enter – enter your mob name in the team name box.

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