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Information Topics – arranged alphabetically.

Aid Stations

Doongalla Homestead site: 5.5km and 12.5km
Major Aid station.
Drop Bags can be sent here.
Fruit, Lollies, Coke, Water and Electrolyte Drink.

Kalorama (most northern point on the course)
Minor Aid Station
Coke, Water, Electrolyte Drink and some fruit.

Additional water will be dropped near Link Track. (unattended)

This is a Trail Run, primarily through National Parks. Cups will NOT be provided. It will be necessary for runners to have some hydration device/bottle/camelbak/fuelbelt to carry water with them.


The Ambulance service is not a free service in Victoria. It’s your responsibility to check your health cover and ensure you are covered for ambulance cover in the case of an emergency. To arrange cover with Ambulance Victoria, visit


Brunch is provided for all runners at the finish line. It consists of Fruit and Drinks.

Bag Check

For bags you want to leave while you are running, (as opposed to Special Needs/Drinks which there’s a listing for lower down), These can be checked in when you register and pick up your runner pack. Have them with you ready to leave at the check in desk. We will label them and you will need your race bib to pick them up.

Car Parking

Car parking at SkyHigh is normally $5- per car, however entry fees will cover the cost of parking at SkyHigh, CONDITION: you must enter and park before run start time of 7:00am. Due to the limited parking we ask that you car pool. Minimum 2 runners per car to be allowed to park at SkyHigh. If you come by yourself you will be turned around at the gate and need to find another place to park. Drivers with 4 or more runners in the car will be given vouchers for the full brunch in the dining room which starts at 10:30am an finishes at 12:30pm. Some offsite parking may be arranged and a shuttle bus will be provided. This will be free if needed. We will advise the details of this once we gauge entry levels.

Changing between Event/Distances

You can change your race distance if you want to. Changing down does not cost anything nor does it get you a refund. Changing up does not cost a transfer fee however you will need to pay the difference in the entry costs. You can do this on the day at the transfer desk. Be at check in at least 30 minutes prior to make a change.

Clothing and Equipment Suggestions

Mandatory Gear

5k – A mobile phone
10k – A mobile phone
21.5 & 43km – minimum 600ml water – more if it is really hot! and your phone!

21.5k and 43k – Compression bandage – In case of snake bite.
Mobile Phone with good coverage. Telstra pretty good. Vodaphone Bad.
Tri/Adventure tops with pockets on the back. For carrying in food/gel/compression bandage. Also for taking your rubbish back out with you.
Handheld Bottle recommended – aid stations have no cups and are up to 10km apart. Device for carrying at least 600ml of fluids is mandatory.

Contact Us

If you have questions that are not covered by this information – or on the website please feel free to contact us.

Race Director: Sean Greenhill
0409 047 714

Volunteer Admin

Course Measurement

Course is measured and certified to PDA standards. The course is subject to variation as it is prone to washouts, trees down and bridge failures after heavy rain.  One loop is 21.5km and two loops is 43km. The 10k course is measured by GPS.


None. Zip. Nil. Nada. This is a trail run, not a road race; mostly through beautiful National and State Parks. Aid stations will have water, sports drink etc. in 25 litre plastic cubes/drums with taps on the bottom. You can refill your bottles, camelbak, fuelbelt or whatever you brought to carry fluids at these points. (Water carrying device is mandatory equipment – you cannot start without one!

Cut-Off Times

If you can’t complete the one loop course (approx 21.5km) in under four hours, or the two loop course (approx 43km) in under 7 hours you should not enter that event.  Runners finishing outside cut-off times will not appear in the final results.

Two loop runners who have not completed one lap by 3hrs15mins will be asked to withdraw from the race after completing one loop. This is a hard cut off time. We have to draw a line in the sand somewhere and feel this cut off time gives you the best chance of finishing the entire two loops in under the course closure time. Cut off times are enforced due to permits only lasting so long, and to look after our lovely volunteers who are putting in a lot of hours to help runners.  We don’t want to try their patience.


Probably the number one cause of possible injury on the Roller Coaster Run course.  Go super cautious on the downhill sections.  Taking a bad tumble does not make for a fast time. Trig track is also pretty technical and will need some care taken. Run within yourself.
Getting lost
The course will be well marked, but fatigued runners tend to develop tunnel vision. Keep your wits about you and keep an eye out for orange markings/ribbons/cones. Maps will be provided to participants, but familiarizing yourself with the course before hand could save you a lot of time on the day. Bring a mobile phone on the next G network so you can contact others. (next G appears to have the best coverage). The map provided to partcipants will have mobile phone numbers for the organizers and volunteers. We may be able to help orientate you.

ESTA Markers

Please keep an eyeout for the location of these green marker signs. If you or a fellow participant has a problem that is serious enough to require a “000” call then knowing the three letter, three digit sequence on the nearest sign will greatly speed up assistance getting in. Emergency Markers enable the exact location of a Triple Zero (000) caller to be accurately identified. Markers are more than just signs. They are supported by GPS co-ordinates and navigational data that assist in getting emergency services to the public with minimal delay. Obviously you could be quite some distance from the nearest marker, however if you call race organizers and can tell us how many kilometers into the run you are, we will have access to maps that help identify the number of the nearest ESTA marker.


Event Aid

First Aid service is being used, and will be based from SkyHigh and the Doongalla Picnic area.
Everyone should help a runner in serious trouble.


There will be fully stocked Aid Stations on the course. However it is always advised to carry a little nutrition to get you through.

Phone Coverage

This is a real issue. Some carriers have very limited coverage. The television transmission towers on course can do some weird things to mobile coverage.  We are still learning where best reception is and so far Telstra coverage seems OK, with some areas that sometimes work and sometimes don’t.

Qualification Standards

10k – Open Event
21.5k – Due to the relatively contained nature of the course, Qualification Standards will not apply.
43k – participants should be aware that they need to have completed a Marathon in under 6hrs in the 12months prior to entering, completed a Half or Full Ironman, or completed a trail run of over 20km in an acceptable time.

We believe if you are of this standard you will be able to finish the roller coaster run within cut off times.

Race Numbers

  • Yellow Background Numbers are for the 10k Runners
  • Red Background Numbers are for the Single Loop (approx 21.5km) runners
  • Black Background Numbers are for the Two Loop (approx 43km) runners

There’s a map on the back to assist you should you somehow manage to go astray with a few emergency contact numbers on it.

Race Numbers are available to be picked up:
Friday – 5:30pm to 7pm – Race Number packets available to be picked up at SkyHigh Start/Finish area.
Saturday – 6:00am Race Number packets available to be picked up.


Race Numbers

Refund Policy


Road Crossings

There are two road crossings. Both on the Basin-Olinda Road. Speed limit reduction and warning signs will be employed, but be aware you may be delayed a minute.  Beware of cars.  Traffic Controllers will endeavour to assist you crossing, but you should stay alert.


  • Obey all Parks Victoria rules when in the Parks
  • The event will not proceed if there is a code red fire warning for the day. It is illegal to enter the park on a Code Red fire warning day.
  • Leaving the Course. Entrants who leave the course during the event eg. for toilet stop, getting lost or meeting up with support people; must re-enter the course at the point they left the course. Lost entrants may use any legal method to get back to the course, but must re-enter where they left and resume running from that point.
  • Withdrawing from the race. Any entrant withdrawing from the race must notify race officials that they have done so. Mobile phone numbers will be provided on the map given to participants, or use the numbers in the “Contact Us” section of the website.
  • Support Crew. Runners can have supporters meet them on course with food, drink, vaseline etc., so long as those supporters give way to runners, and obey all park rules.
  • Using a mountain bike to support runners risks them and other people. Don’t even think about it.
  • Obey the direction of Race Officials and Volunteers. Entrants ignoring marshals at road crossings will be immediately disqualified.
  • Be courteous to all you encounter on the course. This includes SkyHigh staff, volunteers, traffic controllers and other users of the trail.
  • Entrants must help fellow runners in distress.
  • Entrants must race with a means of carrying at least 500ml of fluids. (Camelbak, fuelbelt, handheld bottle etc.)
  • Entrants must not leave rubbish on the course. Carry it with you to the next aid station and deposit it there if there is a bin. Otherwise; carry it in – carry it out.
  • No I-pods, MP3 players etc. to be used. There are too many single track sections, some road crossings and other runners to be aware of.
  • If you are even mildly asthmatic then a puffer is mandatory equipment.


We are fortunate to be allowed access to the trail to run our event, so please make sure you leave no trace of having been there. Take all rubbish with you or risk disqualification.

Schedule for Roller Coaster Run

6pm to 7:30pm Race Number packets available to be picked up at SkyHigh Start/Finish area.

5:30am Gates to SkyHigh open.
6:00am Race Number packets available to be picked up (closes at 8:15am)
6:30am Coffee Cart opens.
7:20am – 43km runners start
7:30am – 21.5 runners start – Wave 1
7:40am – 21.5km runners start – Wave 2
8:30am – 10k runners start
10am Brunch opens
10:30am – 10k Presentation
10:40am Turnaround bollard for Two-Loop runners is removed.  No 43km participants to go out on a second loop after this time.
10:50am Sweeper is deployed onto course.
11am – 21.5km Presentation
12:30pm – 43km runner presentation – Team presentation as soon as we have a result.
12:30pm Brunch concludes
2:25pm Cut off for runners in Two Loop (43km) event.

Special Drinks/Needs Items

Delivery to Doongalla Aid Station – There will be provision for dropping off drinks/special needs items at the SkyHigh startline. They will be available to you at the Doongalla picnic ground area which you will encounter twice per 21.5km loop. It is unlikely that the delivery can occur before you reach the 5km mark. (The first time you’ll go through the Doongalla Aid Station.) They will be ready by the time you reach Doongalla the second time. please do not put personal items into this bag that you want back! Please deposit your items TO THE TENT MARKED “DROPBAGS”.  Only leave items you are prepared to kiss goodbye.  Don’t use superspecial bottles made of expensive unobtanium as there is no method to get these back to you.  If you ever see them again consider yourself very fortunate.

Label your items clearly with your Race Number – Our wonderful volunteers will have them in number order at Doongalla to make it easier to find. We supply the tags. You supply the bags. BUT pre-marking your items will save you and us some time on the morning of the event.


A sweeper will be deployed onto the course with the aim of ensuring there’s no one left on the course unaccounted for. If you leave the trail at any time, please leave your pack on the trail so the sweeper doesn’t go past you.

Timing Chips

We will be using a disposable chip system that is stuck to the back of your race number.  The system is very reliable, but reliability is aided by wearing your race number lower rather than higher.

Trail Marking

To comply with Parks Victoria requests. Markers on the bush trails will be in orange ribbon. Additional signage will be present at key intersections.It will be “The Best Damn Trailmarking in the Country.” Some of the stuff you’ll be seeing to help you get around the course.  Plus lots of orange ribbons on pegs to give you reassurance that you’re on the right track.

Roller Coaster Km Markers

Transfers of Entries.

Transfers are available – please check the terms and conditions for these HERE
NOTE: If you enter as an earlybird and need to transfer to another runner – we will NOT charge you a transfer fee! (for first transfer)


If you’re available, we’d love to have you.  Volunteers receive a warm inner glow, a t-shirt and can enter a subsequent Roller Coaster Run without paying entry fees. Seriously it’s volunteers who make running events possible, and most have an enjoyable day doing it. Please give it your consideration. To check what roles are available please email Matt on

Wave Starts

Roller Coaster Wave starts are possibly necessary due to numbers. Wave starts only apply for the 21.5km runners. When you register you will be asked to nominate your wave.
Nominate Wave 1 if you consider yourself a faster runner and usually finish in the top half of the field of events you enter. Or if you are vying for an age group category.
Nominate Wave 2 if you are there to run your best and enjoy the day but are not a fasty pasty…. 🙂
NOTE: You DO NOT need to notify us if you want to change waves! We will adjust it on the day through the timing system.

**Special note re podium places.  Podium places are decided on a first-over-the-line basis, so if you are even half a chance of getting in the top 20 – you need to get into the first wave.

Weather – What will it be?

We have no more access to any weather forecasting data than the BOM. Here are their recorded averages for Mount Dandenong.


If you wish to withdraw at any stage, you need to do so at an aid station and notify the attendants of your intention to withdraw. We will then do what we can to get you away from the aid station as soon as we can, but given the length of the event calling friends or a cab might be the fastest option. If you do not start – you will be listed as a DNS.

Thank you for reading til the end!

Any questions we have not covered – please email us on

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